Boek Mjin creatieve hoek Boekje + cd Trek een kaart! Wie ben ik My English corner! Chakradance

The cards are infused with the energy of the light catchers on the cards. Their energy of lightness and joy will flow through time and space. They are activated in the NOW and will activate insight, forgiveness and action. If you are open to look at yourself from your heartspace and have the courage to live a life from growth, obstacles will disappear with so much ease. The cards will activate lightness and joy as you stand more and more in your own power. All happens from a space of love and will help you to follow your own path. The card deck consist of 44 cards with a very nice and strong bag and beautiful booklet. It is very light and easy to carry with you wherever you go.     


Pick a card!

The cards are deep and joyous. Love them!

Every cell of me knew the wisdom of this teaching. Thank you!

They have an entirely unique entry point to align with myself.

The light catchers in the pictures book look beautiful. Love it!

I felt the shimmering energy radiated from the cards.

Perfect to take with me.

So very pretty and so light in the hand.

These energetic bracelets are made with love and care. With the intention to activate more love and light in your life. They are handmade hooked and consist of different materials. I love to use what I find during my trips. The amulet showes a poweranimal accompanied with an empowering affirmation. They are all unique and a beautiful affordable gift for yourself or others. Watch the video and feel what poweranimal resonates the most right now with you.                       


Choose your power animal!

Really nice made!

So sweet and whimsical


Made with love and care

Keeps me focused!!

Feels very special!

Love the playful energy